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Waxaan aamin sanaan jiray in barashada diinta aad u dhib badan tahay ka hor inta aan bilaabin xiddig, laakin marka aan bilaabay waxaan ogaaday in barashada diinta fududahay.

Jamiila Ali

Jamiila Ali

Arday Xiddig Academy

Marka laga soo tago cilmiga aan ka faa’iday Xiddig Academy waxaan isku baranay Arday badan aad u fican oo aan isku noqonay sida walaalaha oo kale.

Umu Osman

Umu Osman

Arday Xiddig Academy

Xiddig academy waxay aheyd fursad aad qaali u ah, waxaana ka faa’iday wax badan, waxaana jeclesytay macalimiinta sida casharada noogu dhigi jireen.

Asma Maxamed

Asma Maxamed

Arday XiddigAcademy
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